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Domestic Electricity Bills – Facts And Figures

This post contains facts and figures about domestic electricity costs for the avergae UK household.

All figures provided are approximate numbers – individual usage and appliance power consumptions will vary. The figures provided are representative to give our site users an idea of costs. Cost assumed to be 10 pence (UK) per Kilo Watt Hour.

  • Fridges / freezers make up around 33% of your electricity bills.
  • Lighting makes up around 10 to 15% of electricity bills.
  • Electric water heating systems – heating water accounts for around 10 to 15% of electricity bills.
  • CFL  light bulbs use around half the electricity of that of a normal light bulb.
  • Heating bills rise by around 8% for every degree increase in the thermostat setting – this can save the average family around £80 annually.
  • Appliances which create or remove heat such as boilers and heaters use more electricity than anything else.
  • A heated towel rail will cost around £5 monthly to run.
  • Laptops and notebooks use around 80% less electricity than a desktop computer.
  •  Leaving electrical appliances on standby costs the average UK household around £28 annually.
  • An energy efficient light bulb will cost about £7 per year less to run than a standard 100W bulb.
  • A dishwasher on a 1 hour cycle costs around 30 pence per load.
  • A tumble dryer will cost around 25 pence (UK) per hour to operate.
  • Running a bath costs around 29 pence in electricity.
  • A washing machine costs about 25 pence per load per hour
  • An electric cooker cost about 75 pence per hour to operate
  • A portable fan costs about 20 pence per hour to operate
  • An iron costs about 20 pence per hour to operate

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