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 Electrical Inspections in Loughborough


As part of our electrical engineering and building services routine maintenance work we provide a wide array of electrical inspections in Loughborough completed by fully qualified and approved electricians.

Increasingly crucial to conform to health and safety legislation and best practice guidelines, professional electrical system testing and inspections may also help you save money as part of a periodic maintenance agreement. We employ a team of electrical engineers certified to perform a range of electrical tests and inspections covering anything from fundamentals like the IEE and PAT tests right through to energy-efficiency surveys and preventative maintenance with servicing and repairs work packaged in.



Our range of electrical testing services provided to residential & commercial clients includes;

5 year IEE Electrical Test and Inspection
Portable Appliance Testing
Electrical installation inspection testing
Energy efficiency research which includes thermal imaging
Bespoke testing and inspections
Periodic maintenance checks for system stability


We provide several options on the five yearly IEE Electrical Test and Inspection which helps disperse the cost more effectively and affordably. Splitting the inspection into five pieces we are able to conduct a 20% test each year; this ensures the complete system is checked five yearly as required by legislation but also means you just have one regular annual payment to fit into your regular budget as opposed to a significant cost every fifth year to struggle with.

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The routine inspection and testing of your fixed electrical installation, makes sure of compliance under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the Consumer Protection Act 1987. Electrical installation testing is additionally a common requirement for business and public premises insurance. Contact us today to book for electrical inspections in Loughborough or for more information.