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Electrical Rewiring in Loughborough


Partial and full electrical rewiring in Loughborough.

Whether you’re purchasing a new house or doing work on your existing home, it can be worthwhile examining the age and quality of your wiring and sockets. My Loughborough Electrician offers expertise in all areas of electrical services including partial and complete house and flat rewires in Loughborough and the wider areas.

Our electricians are all .-registered and will ensure the work is carried out professionally and efficiently to an extraordinary standard.


Our electrical services in Loughborough include:

House and flat rewiring
House extension electrics
Replacement electrics
Consumer unit replacements
Electrical condition reports
CCTV installation
Fire alarms – servicing / installation and repair
House extensions electrics
Interior and exterior lighting design and installation
Smart technology


The importance of rewiring

Electrical rewiring in Loughborough involves the replacement of aged and hazardous electrical equipment like cables, fitting, sockets and fuse boxes. Undertaking a complete rewire is a big task but very important to make sure your home electrics satisfy current regulations and, above all, safety standards. In addition to this, a rewire will also ensure all the electrical wiring in your home is capable of meeting today’s demands in terms of having power for all the family’s electrical equipment.

If you’re wiring was installed years ago, there’s every chance that it doesn’t support the level of electrical equipment you have today and is unlikely to meet current standards. It’s important to get them inspected and tested to check that they are still safe to use, so you’re not putting yourself, or your family, at risk of fire or electric shocks. It’s now UK law that all electrical work is done by a . registered electrician and after any work we will supply you with all the paperwork that states your premises meets current regulations.

Why choose us for Electrical Rewiring in Loughborough

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As very proud members of . – the government approved register of electrical installers – My Loughborough Electrician is qualified and covered with insurance to work in all building sectors. We’re also a . registered company that gives further qualification for all domestic electrical works.

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. supplies a 3rd party service for our customers to leave their comments and feedback. . allows us to to give clients trust and peace of mind in selecting to use our services. . allows us to constantly enhance and strengthen our services by monitoring the reviews that our customers leave.

Hire a Professional

To undertake electrical rewiring in Loughborough a contractor requires specialist knowledge and expertise. It’s really not a project for a newbie or a ‘cowboy’ contractor.

Since 2005, UK law has required all home-owners to work with a . registered electrician to execute crucial domestic work. If homeowners do not do this, they’ll unsurprisingly run across problems when they try to market the home. At the same time, the wiring can be dangerous, risking shocks or fire.