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What Is A Rewire?

Electrical rewiring replaces some or all the electrical wiring of a property.

A ‘rewire’ is often not just a rewire of the original building . cables; homeowners often replace, or add, electrical items, for instance sockets, light switches and consumer units.


Introduction To Planning For Rewiring Your Home

  • Set a budget and stick to that budget– a guide which you should apply to all purchases.
  • What to do not how to do it. Homeowners should always create a plan to tell the electrical engineers what to do, not how to do it.
  • Plan for the next 25 years. A house rewire is only done about once every 25 years – the ‘timescale’ of a rewire is the next 25 years.
  • Write down what you actually need, you can then go through the list with your chosen electrician.
  • Check the electricians references and online reputation. This is a big job, it calls for a professional
  • Get an agreement in writing which confirms exactly what is and what isn’t included in the rewire.

Costs to Rewire a House

Rewiring a home can be expensive (roughly £2500 for a 3 bed house) and has the potential to increase as you add items to the list. Each electrical socket will be around £50 for supply and fit, light fittings start at £10 – the cost can build up.